Theory Of A Universe

Universe is made of galaxies, galaxies contain black holes

We could say that our Universe in totality is contained in a black hole in a galaxy belonging to a Supra-Universe.

This Supra Universe would be contained in turn in a black hole of a Supra-supra Universe and so on until the top-most Universe is contained in the black hole of the top-down Universe making a perfect geometrical circular shape.

That would allow The Complete Universe to expand by black holes creation, regenerates and be eternal

Our common universe temperature decline woud be a consequence of our Universe slowly falling in its Downer Universes, but the Complete Universe would not fall under this law.

We could even say that galaxies are 'images' of some of the Step-Universes taken at different periods of time, according to their distance.

Top-Next Universes/Galaxies (probably the closest) of our galaxy would be contained in black holes of our galaxies, while furthest ones would be galaxies contained in black holes of subsequent galaxies.

The fact that we can see light of Step-Universes/Galaxies even if they are all contained in black holes of their respective Supra-Universes would be the consequence that the complete Universe contains more than the 4 accepted dimensions, having only knowledge of the 3 spatial dimensions and time.

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