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Sprite Basic an HTML 5 Game Engine with Mobile Applications Packaging

Sprite Basic is a HTML 5 Game Engine providing a Basic language Compiler along with a complete set of functions making writing games for browser and mobile devices simple and rewarding !

Sprite Basic is a Cloud Application

Sprite Basic Website is an Integrated Developement Environment, hosted on Amazon AWS, as such highly reliable and secure, with all tools need to create cool games in a an easy way


Sprite Basic Mobile Apps

Sprite Basic is available as mobile applications that allows you to test your code and develop, make updates instantly on mobile devices. Chek those applications at:

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Blast Your Toy

Developed with Sprite Basic, Blast Your Toy is a fast-paced matching pieces and elimination game served by cute graphics where attention has been put to produce best gameplay.
Help Harry on his journey from his house, to his school, the skate park and finally the circus party.
Match two cubes or more of same colors, try to make combos, but do so in the right order to finish levels within the time limit.
To ease your progression you'll be able to collect toys that wisely used will boost your performances.
With over 150 levels getting increasingly challenging, Blast Your Toy will give you hours of free leisure and let you compete with friends all over the world.

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Web Demo
cubic number


Build your own roman camp in this building/strategy game and fight with your legion army made of legionairs, centurions, cavalry men and the famous roman turtle formations. Make the conquest of Gaul.

You play Caesar, the Emperor of the Roman Empire. Your aim is to invade Gaul by establishing an advanced camp, resist to barbarians attacks and conquer one by one the Gallic villages.

Start by building your soldiers houses, get and train with real roman artillery and hire your soldiers. Then it will be time to build your legend.

Served by superb graphics/animations, the game will challenge you to be as a fine strategist than the greatest Roman Imperators.

Google Play
Itunes AppStore

Champions League

Live the Champions League Cup while it is played
Choose your team and play the matches of the real draw until the final.

Served by superbs 3D graphics, animations and sounds, Champions League Soccer is based on a highly realistic physic engine in which football moves have been coded by football fans.
Main Features
-Full 3D environnement
-Real Champions League Draw
-5 different team strategy
-Easy tu use paddle for best gameplay

Google Play
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Windows Store

Champions League
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